Thursday, July 15, 2010

D Drive Loves the Indian Currency Symbol

A symbolic day for the People of India. The day when we get an Identity of our own, A day that will be remembered for the Birth of the Symbol of Currency of India, Rupee.Today the Finance Ministry of India declared the winner for the contest that had been around for a few years for designing the Symbol of the Indian Currency.

The contest was open to all and millions of entries were received for the new design of the Indian Currency. A day that we will certainly not forget as it marks the birth of the Symbol of Indian Currency. The New currency symbol on India is derived from the Devnagri and Roman Language.

The Letter R and Ra were mixed into creative blend to symbolize the Indian Rupee. Soon we all will see our Currency Bills marked with the new symbol of our currency. The final declaration of the winning symbol came after a long time when the contest closed in 2009.

For all of us the wait was worth and now we have a Currency symbol that symbolizes and represents all of us on the international front. Till now INR, the abbreviation for the Indian Rupee was used to denote its presence but now RA will be the Face of Indian Rupiya.

D Drive welcomes the the New Indian Currency Symbol RA and Wishes a good future to all Indians.

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