Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Safety in using electrical products

Making home improvements like installing electrical lights, fixing electrical sockets or integrating door chimes are common DIY projects that people usually want to do. However, in buying electrical accessories and supplies one must remember these:

Safety seal of approval

The best way for consumers to tell if the electrical supplies that they are buying are reliable is to look for the British Electro-technical Approval Boards (BEAB) seal. This seal on a product signifies that it has been tested carefully and thoroughly, and is approved for use by the government.

Manufacturer's manual

Look for the manufacturer's manual along with the product or ask for it from the electrical supply store. This manual contains the instructions that must be properly followed by a consumer with regards to use and safety precautions especially if one is not familiar with how the product works.

Buying used products

Although it is not recommendable to buy second-hand or used electrical accessories and supplies, there are some people who prefer to purchase them. In this case, consumers should have a qualified technician properly test the tool or appliance before buying it.

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